Company’s history

Tauchertechnik GmbH was founded by Mr. Horst Pastor and his wife Mrs. Getraude Pastor-Komolka in 1990. The TTB stands for a continuation of a diving center of the Society for Sports and Technology of the GDR, which has been operating since 1978 in Brandenburg an der Havel. Development and production of equipment for underwater orienteering for competitive sports (among other things the equipment of the national team of GDR) and construction of breathing regulators, tests of pressure vessels and breathing regulators made it possible for Tauchertechnik Brandenburg to continue its service activity in the technical field till the present day.
Following products:

  • test bench for breathing regulators „Regulator Control“
  • test stations for breathing regulators under pressure up to 80 m according to EN 250
  • test station “compressor control” for tests of high pressure equipment
  • test stations for composite cylinders
  • test station “Aqua Pressure Mini” for worldwide mobile tests of pressure vessels

prove our continuous development. Not Only the introduction of a wide range of services in the following sectors: tests of pressure vessels, construction and mechanical production but also authorized dealership of BAUER Kompressoren München are the impressive evidence.