Mission Statement

Values and strengths of a family business
Tauchertechnik Brandenburg GmbH specializes in:

  • development, construction, production and sales of test stations for pressure vessels
  • testing of pressure vessels (German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV)
  • design, sales and service of breathing air compressors for respiratory and industrial gases
  • services for breathing regulators
  • development, construction and production of special solutions for test benches for breathing regulators for divers and fire-fighters.

Our user friendly and high-quality products, company’s know-how and long-standing business relationships with excellent partners guarantee the highest quality and comprehensive, excellent service.

Safety, people’s health as well as conservation of natural resources and environmental protection are accorded top priority throughout all company’s activities. We actively support the improvement and compliance with high safety technical standards.

We understand the importance of your safety.
In order to maintain and improve this position, we strive for ever greater customer satisfaction.

We want YOU to be satisfied!
We can overcome the existing limits and significantly contribute to the success of our customers thanks to our innovations and entrepreneurial spirit. Maximum customer satisfaction and comprehensive services are a very important objective.

Management and staff are committed to living the following company values at all times:

  • Reliability and sense of responsibility
  • Professional and technological competence
  • Qualification
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Problem Solving

Reliability and sense of responsibility
We work independently and keep our arrangements and promises. Speed and reliability ensure a trouble-free realization of projects.

Professional and technological competence
was, and still is the basis of our company. Our staff is highly trained and has years of relevant experience. Permanent staff is an integral part of our company.

Our objective is the ongoing development of all our products and continuing technical and organizational improvements of the company.

Our company places a great deal of value on qualified staff. For this reason the great importance is attached to ongoing trainings of employees. Excellent standards can be maintained with qualified staff only.

We enhance cost awareness and effectiveness within all areas of our company, because it’s the customers and our company who benefit from our efficiency.

Problem solving
Goal inspired actions and decisions lead to satisfactory solutions and are essential for problem solving performances.